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Four Great Reasons to Sell Your Gold Today

The price of gold is near an all-time high, and many people are wondering if it's time to sell gold jewelry that's been languishing in their jewelry boxes. Only you can decide if the time is right for you, but there are several reasons to sell your jewelry that you should keep in mind.

1. You can sell gold jewelry quickly and easily through a gold broker, at a pawn shop, online or directly to a gold buyer that is also a gold refiner. Any of these methods are an easy way to get cash fast. It's one of the few truly valuable, personal possessions you can sell without either a waiting period or an awful lot of paperwork.

Try selling an old car, stocks, or anything else of value for cash and you won't get very far. Gold, on the other hand, can be sold quickly for a great price. You usually only have to fill out one sheet of paper with some very basic information. Do take the time to get a few price quotes if at all possible. Your best bet is to sell gold jewelry to a gold buyer that is also a refiner. By selling directly to them, you eliminate the middleman markup.

2. If you can't get a job because your kids are too young or you aren't qualified, you can sell gold jewelry you no longer wear to help your family during a tough stretch. Most jewelry goes out of style after a while, and if you have a drawer full of gold chains you don't wear, why not use it to help your family without sacrificing the precious time you spend with them.

Many women who used to work in a professional environment have Denver gold jewelry they collected for years. As stay-at-home moms, those long necklaces and dangling earrings are now just a hazard for grasping fingers. Turning that jewelry into several hundred dollars gives you the chance to take care of the essentials or even get a little something extra for your family without straining the new, single income budget.

3. You can finance a great holiday surprise if you sell gold jewelry to raise some shopping cash. It can be difficult when you're on a family budget to really surprise your spouse. When money is tight, how do you get a few hundred dollars together to treat him or her to that special gift? It's just not as much fun when your spouse knows exactly what you spent and where. If you sell old gold jewelry, watches, coins and other scrap gold, you can have a nice little shopping trip and truly surprise them this holiday season.

4. If you sell gold jewelry, you're helping the economy and the environment. The demand for gold is greater than ever, but gold mines can't keep up with this increased demand. Instead, refiners are scrambling to find gold that can be melted down and used for bullion or coins. The more gold that is available for recycling, the less new mining there is to be done. By recycling your gold, you're stimulating the economy and reducing the need for new mines that scar the environment.

When you're ready to sell gold jewelry, whether it's to make some quick money, to supplement your family budget or to contribute to the economy, you'll rest easier knowing your old gold is being put to good use.

Should you sell your gold, silver or platinum to a money 4 gold website

When you take into consideration the actual condition of the North American economy and the ever increasing movement upwards in precious metal prices , it is obvious why people are digging out their broken gold jewelry and are pawning them to cash 4 gold industries as a way to come up with some spare income to reduce their extra debts and to get out of debt.

If you are experiencing the same situation you will want to methodically do your homework before you sell your jewelry to just any gold buyers in that there is a huge increase in the amount of unscrupulous companies in the gold buying business who will happily take advantage of your desperation and give you next to nothing for your Denver jewelry. Even though this practice is not illegal, it is in any case, not in your best interest and I am here to inform those of you who are considering exchanging your defective gold or silver to be certain to stay away from businesses that are posing as middle men and to deal only with refineries or cash for gold companies that have their in-house refineries You must realize, gold brokers are nothing more than middle men between you and a metal refiner and as a result they will give you in the area of 30% of the true value for your gold or silver jewelry and quickly resell it back to a precious metal dealer themselves and they will be keeping the larger share and you keep a few lousy dollars.

A short while ago, Fox news put together a kind of undercover operation, in that they submitted three identical items of gold jewelry to three individual precious metal dealers and waited for their check and while 3 of the businesses did in fact give them a payment for their unwanted jewelry, only one of those gold buyers actually paid the current market value while the other 2 gold buyers payed approximately 30 percent of today’s true value . The two cash for gold companies that fell short were acting as brokers while the 3rd gold buyer that payed the true value did own their own precious metal refinery, so it is customer beware in this industry and I absolutely recommend that you do your homework before parting with unwanted gold jewelry.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Gold Jewelry Buyer - Finding the Best Gold Jewelry Buyer to Sell Your Gold

Do you need a to find a fair gold jewelry buyer that you can trust? Even as gold steadily increases in price the chances of finding a reputable Denver gold jewelry buyer has not gotten any better.

Best Gold Jewelry Buyer

When you have decided to sell your gold jewelry, you have many options available to you in regards to selling. These options provide you with a lot of choices.

Gold buyers are holding parties in people's homes, also known as gold parties, where the host throws a party and invites people to come over and bring their gold. The convenience of this method of selling your gold is that you only have to go to one place to sell your items. The drawback is that a gold buyer will use high pressure sales tactics to get you to sell for a big discount.

Another way to sell your jewelry is to look in the paper for the next gold buyers "convention" that is usually held at your local hotel or convention center. The good thing about going to one of these conventions, is that you will have all the local and national gold buyers in one place. You are able to bring your gold and have multiple individuals or businesses look at them, all without having to drive around town. The bad part is that these events are not readily available whenever you choose to sell your gold.

Selling Your Gold For Cash

Your best option is to use an online business to sell your gold. You can get you money very quickly without ever leaving your home. The drawback is that there are many buyers that will take advantage of you. Choose wisely because this is the most important decision when selling your gold.

The whole point of selling your gold jewelry is to get top dollar for your items. There is a Denver jewelry buyer literally everywhere you turn, your job is to make sure your get the most money possible.

Want to know the best place to sell gold for cash, 3x's More Cash? Don't become a victim of the cash for gold scam. My friend, if you are seriously interested in selling gold, I urge you to visit this website before you do anything else.

What Your Need for Making Beaded Jewelry

Stringing beads is one of those easy pleasures in life that virtually anyone can enjoy. It does not require plenty of ability to begin, but when it comes to making beaded jewelry, it actually cannot hurt to have some experience under your belt! Start with simple patterns like, how to make a simple beaded anklet and once you've mastered the fundamentals, go to more advanced patterns. From there, it won't be long before you're making pretty jewelry that anybody would really like to wear!

In addition to great beads, you want a few stringing and hand tools. At the minimum, you want a pair each of round nosed and flat nosed pliers, a crimping tool for fastening clasps to jewelry, wire cutters, jeweler's tweezers for picking up and holding beads in place while you work with them, clasps, stringing materials and needles. Choosing beads for your project is the fun part! There are so many kinds! Handmade glass beads, pearl beads, wooden beads, brightly colored plastic beads, beads made of semi-precious stones and metals, crystal beads, and the list keeps going on and on! In fact, just taking a look at beads can provoke the creation of original designs! However getting your feet back on the ground, start simply and work your way up.

Nylon and other man-made strings, like mono filament (fishing line), are more cost-effective than wire or silk thread, but they can be cut or frayed, and in contrast to wire, they stretch and have an inclination to curl, especially at the ends, making it difficult to soundly knot and attach clasps, fasteners and other jewelry findings. It's best not to use synthetic threads with beads that are far more than moderately abrasive or beads with too-large holes. Because of its resilience, simplicity of use and the variety of bead materials it can be used with, jeweler's wire is preferred by many bead jewelry makers, while those who work with small, smooth beads, aside from glass, prefer silk thread as it is sufficiently small to fit through the holes of smaller beads. Wherever your beading fancy lies, you may be sure there is a string for it!

There's nothing quite as annoying as having a nearly finished piece of handmade jewelry and find that you don't have enough beads to finish! This is why you should buy all of the project beads and supplies you want, plus a few extra beads and needles, at once. When you buy everything you want at once, you lose the chance of not having the ability to get more beads at crafts or discount stores because they're sold out, or that you'll need to wait a few days for a warehouse cargo to arrive.

Purchasing from crafts and discount shops is handy in a pinch, but you pay for that convenience.' A much better way to buy beads and other jewelry supplies is through a crafts supplies wholesaler. An internet search will turn up lots of crafts supplies wholesalers, but you need to take a bit of time to comparison shop, because some who assert to be wholesalers are basically retailers in disguise. Purchasing from a web wholesaler is the fastest, easiest and, frequently, a less costly way to buy bead jewelry supplies. You've got the advantage of being able to comparison shop, skim at leisure, order and pay for your supplies all from your home PC! It's one of the most popular and least expensive sites so try to use eBay to find cheap beads.

Your workspace should be comfy, well-lighted and ideally isolated from the main parts of your house. Choose a comfortable high stool or chair and a roomy flat-topped work bench or table. You want seal able containers to keep your beads, small tools and supplies well organized and within close range. Other things you want cupboard space for are patterns, finished projects, and bigger hand tools. One of the nice things about having a separate workspace is that you can hang enlarged photos of your favorite hand-made jewelry on the walls, make long strings of inexpensive beads, or allow your children to make them, to loop along a wall or from the ceiling or use any other decorations you want! This makes your studio a comfortable, fun and inspiring place in which to make your bead jewelry!

If you need help with your jewelry business then our beaded jewellery software is guaranteed to get your business organized. We also have free jewelry business tools and a free jewelry book all designed to help you get the most out of your jewelry business.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Gary_A_Capps

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Engagement Ring Advice

Engagement rings can be bought from almost any jewelry store. However, sometimes the rings in the store do not reflect the person's style or personality. That is when a designer comes in handy. But where do you find the right engagement ring designer? Well, there are plenty of tips for this topic. The ring should be incredible because she will have it forever, just like the love that is shared throughout the marriage.

There are two options when looking for a ring designer. Designers often will create one of a kind pieces that are displayed at their stores and this can be purchased, or you can work with the designer to create something that is special and that you have some input with. Of course the decision is about more than just the ring.

It depends on the amount of time you have available to add to the process as well as how much money you are willing to spend on the ring. The rings are going to involve at least a couple weeks of design and work and then in the end may cost a little more because you are paying for the person's time and effort throughout the entirety of the design process.

The decision on the ring is going to last a lifetime and therefore should not be one that disappoints the recipient. However, the option of purchasing a pre-made and designed ring is always available. That will never go a way. Blue Nile offers beautiful pieces and do understand the significance of the purchase. They will help you to the best of their abilities in order to find the perfect ring for that special lady. It is suggested that two month's salary is a good starting point for price, but that is not necessarily the way it has to be. The value and quality of the ring and the stone in the end is what is most important.

Another great option is Spence Diamonds. Spence Diamonds not only offers incredible pieces of jewelry but they also offer the best purchase protection in the entire industry. This is why people have been coming to them for this important purchase for a long time. Their satisfaction guarantee offers not only protection against the loss of the ring, but also a lifetime trade up, as well as chances to change the mounting as well as cleaning and claw examination. They will also include size adjustments.

This is quite a lot considering some places rarely offer any without an additional charge. Their specialty is diamond jewelry and they take that seriously. They have a unique approach to customer satisfaction and this is often important when making such a large and important investment. They have become world renowned and it is noticeable why. Take advantage of their excellent service and quality product that they are promising.

A good place to find Engagment rings in the Denver area is FJR Jewelers in Lakewood. FJR Jewelers sells wholesale diamonds and other great jewelry. Why spend all that money

The author Eduard Rakting is interested in subjects relating to affordable engagement ring. His publications on cheap wedding and affordable engagement rings can be found on his web publications.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Eduard_Rakting

There Is More to a Jewelry Store than Jewelry

So you’re thinking about opening a jewelry store. Have you given some thought to all of the elements that go into your plan? If you’ve only thought as far as the jewelry and the building, you’re just getting started. There are literally hundreds of components that go into creating a successful, customer-friendly jewelry store.

The three most vital things to be considered are packaging, display options and security. If you aren’t prepared for it, it is easy to get overwhelmed when faced with the task of assembling your store. Here are a few things to consider as you begin planning:

Packaging: You can have the finest diamonds in the world. But what is the customer going to carry them home in? The jewelry box is one of the most recognizable trademarks of the industry. And you’re going to need a lot of them. Your best bet will be to buy wholesale jewelry boxes in the most common shapes and styles, so that you’re prepared for anything.
If you are trying to establish your brand, you can have your wholesale jewelry boxes custom printed to fit your name and logo. You can also buy jewelry boxes in a wide variety of colors to fit the scheme of your business. A uniform line of wholesale jewelry boxes will go a long way towards building a professional image in the mind of your customers.

Display: Jewelry display cases are second only to a quality product when it comes to factors affecting a successful sale. Part of the attraction to a particular piece is the way it is presented. Choosing which jewelry display cases are right for your store will depend largely on the amount of room that you have to work with. If you have the room, it is always best to go with a setup that allows the customer to view all of the jewelry at the same level. Most mall stores have their jewelry display cases lined up in such a way.

If space is an issue, a vertical 360º jewelry display case is another attractive option. The 360º display case will conserve space, add depth to a room, and allow your jewelry to shine from all angles. You can even get L-shaped jewelry display cases to turn a corner when necessary. The most important thing is that you pick your display case based on the space you have available.

Security: One of the most important components of operating a successful jewelry store is an effective security system. And that starts with security cameras. A real or fake security camera can go a long way to deterring theft and burglary. Installing even a fake security camera sends a message to would-be criminals that their actions are being watched closely. If you can, a series of real security cameras is your best option. But you can also mix and match a few fake security cameras along with your real system. Just make sure the real security cameras are installed in the areas of most concern.

Of course in the jewelry industry, security goes beyond the cameras. It would also be a good idea to install a door entry chime to alert your staff when a customer enters the store. You can cover a greater range with your security cameras if they are behind a mirrored globe in the ceiling. It is hard to avoid a camera when you aren’t sure which direction it is pointing. Jewelry store owners would also be well advised to install some sort of alarm system to deter after-hours theft.

All of this information is still just a starting point when it comes to setting up your store. But considering all of the variables up front will save you a lot of headaches down the line. For more information on the products discussed here, and for more jewelry store supplies, visit http://www.nu-era.com

Christopher Weis is the marketing director for Nu-Era. Nu-Era and http://www.nu-era.com are services of The Nu-Era Group, LLC -the industry leader in store fixtures, supplies, and fulfillment. Nu-Era has been providing its customers with competitively priced quality products with customer-oriented service since 1949.

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Bridal Jewelry

Taking the time and effort to choose just the right pieces of jewelry for your bridal party is not only the perfect way to show your true appreciation for sharing in your most important day, but it will also give your attendants a rather special memento to treasure and remember always.

The very first thing you'll want to consider in your quest for finding beautiful jewelry for your bridal party is whether or not the pieces will be given solely as a token of your appreciation, or if you expect the attendants to wear their gifts for the ceremony. If you'll want all of the pieces worn during the wedding and reception, then you'll want to ensure they'll match or complement the overall theme or formality of the event as well as the dresses you've chosen.

As the bride, you'll also have to decide if you want each of the attendants pieces to match exactly, or if you'd rather coordinating pieces but each with subtle differences that make them uniquely their own. A perfect example of unique but matching jewelry for the bridal party would be crystal necklaces in different but complementary colors, or necklaces of all the same crystal but in a different design, or pearls of varying sizes and designs. Cultured pearls will always be a timeless choice for wedding jewelry that exude a sense of classiness as well as romance.

Another good choice for your bridal attendant's jewelry is white or clear cubic zirconium (CZ) as it offers all of the sparkle and glamour of diamonds, but without the hefty price tag to match. And, gold and sterling silver will both always work well with any colors, style, or theme of wedding. If your wedding colors are burgundy or red, you may want to consider choosing gems such as garnets or rubies or reddish Swarovski crystals, or if peach and beige are dominant in your color scheme, choose opals, clear crystals, or any gem with a neutral, understated hue.

Yet another option to consider when choosing jewelry for your bridal party is to select pieces that everyone will be able to wear again for other occasions, unless they're intended to be held onto as keepsakes after the wedding, of course. Necklaces are always a good choice for bridal party jewelry as the varying lengths available will fit everyone and regardless of hair length or styles, the necklace will be easy to see during the wedding, but do keep in mind the neckline of the gowns you and your bridesmaids will be wearing.

When choosing earrings be sure to find out in advance who has pierced ears and who will need the clip-on style. Also, when buying bracelets for your attendants, you'll want to be sure you know what size to select for each person. In essence, the jewelry you choose for your bridal party should match your own sense of style as well as the formality of the ceremony, and also complement the attendant's attire.

Denise Sanger is the owner of My-Wedding-Jewelry.com which has a diverse catalog of Bridal Jewelry and Bridal Party Jewelry for all the important people in your life along with a library of party planning resources. We are located in Sunny North Florida

Bridal Jewelry for the Bridal Party

You want everything about your wedding to be perfect, from step one to the very last step. Have you thought about bridal jewelry for the bridal party? This is a often forgotten detail of many weddings. Brides simply do not stop to think about the jewelry, but it is very important that you do so. You want your bridal party to match after all. Their dresses match, their shoes match, their hair matches, so why shouldn’t their bridal jewelry?

When it comes to bridal jewelry, the old saying, “Less is more” definitely applies. You want to keep things simple and elegant. Obviously, the bridal jewelry for the bridal party should not outshine the jewelry worn by the bride. The bride is the main focus and the jewelry worn by the bridal party should be understated. Keep the jewelry simple, beautiful, and coordinating with the rest of the wedding.

For example, if your wedding is something of a fairy tale type of wedding, you might want to consider tiaras as part of your bridal jewelry. The bride’s tiara can be larger and fit seamlessly with the veil. For the rest of the bridal party, a smaller and thinner tiara can be used.

Other types of bridal jewelry you might want to consider include necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. One thing to keep in mind is that you want everything to match. Therefore, if you have picked out pearl necklaces for your bridal jewelry, you want both the earrings and bracelets to include pearls too. One rule of thumb is, in the instance of pearls, if the necklace has a string of pearls, you want the bracelets and earrings to just have a pearl accent, remember, less is more.
Depending on the type of wedding you are having, your bridal jewelry for the bridal party should coordinate with the theme. For example, if you are having an outdoor wedding, you could consider shells or flower designs. Some people are even turning to less traditional bridal jewelry like handmade jewelry, gothic, or tribal jewelry for their wedding wear. Regardless of what type of bridal jewelry you decide upon, remember, it is your wedding, personalize it in any way you would like. Furthermore, remember the bride should outshine any other member of the bridal party.

You can find more ideals that will help you with relieving stress from your wedding day Go to Wedding Favors or she could go to Wedding Gifts To get some great ideals for your wedding like a flagon for the spruce or a Money clip with his name impressed on the front. If you ought ideals for your rare Wedding Accessories go to My marriage

Colorado Bridal Jewelry

On her special day there is more than a church, food and a white dress. Anyone who has been envolved in planning a wedding knows how many decisions have to be made. An important one that goes unnoticed is the bridal jewelry for the bride and the entire bridal party.

Often times if a bride doesn't pay attention to her jewelry or doens't wear any, it goes unnoticed. However, if a bride has on beautiful jewelry everyone will talk about how stunning she looks and it often times becomes a top conversation at the wedding.

There are many places to get Colorado Bridal Jewelry. Many jewelry stores have a special bridal section. Many colorado jewlers make handmade bridal jewelry which can't be beat....

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Pawn Shop vs. Jewelry Store


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Jewelry Buyer Denver: FJR Jewelers

If you are in need to get some cash like we all are in these touh times, one way is to sell your jewelry to FJR Jewelers. They are a certified gemologist and have buying jewelry in the Denver metro for over 20 years. One good thing about finding a Denver Jewelry Buyer to make some extra cash is they weigh and check the jewelry right in front of you. This way you now what the going rate is and it will prevent you from getting screwed like you would at a local pon shop.

FJR Jewelers is the best Jewelry Buyer Denver because of their experience in jewelry buying and they buy so much jewelry they can afford to give you a great deal! Check out their website for more details: FJR Jewelers or call them at (303) 233-0066

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The Gem Behind the Promise

Ever wondered why diamonds are placed in engagement rings? The diamond holds such supremacy in the hierarchy of regard for gem stones; it is the most valuable and most sought-after of all of them. It does not necessarily mean the pre-marriage ring, although it is the most common that we have in mind. Affordable diamond rings could also symbolize relations of friendships or family.

Diamond rings bring their significance when compared to the diamond as the hardest crystal of them all. A diamond could only be cut by another diamond, and it takes studies, trainings, and hard work in order for a diamond cutter to do well in his job. The hardness of the diamond is the strength of the promise. Diamond rings are the everlasting spirit behind the free choice of commitment and unconditional character of giving.

Diamonds also represent clarity of soul and consistency. When contextualized in diamond rings, they presume that those undergoing the process of commitment are clear in their thoughts, crystal-like as they say in their intentions, to be able to pursue the meaning of the promise throughout their lives.

Wearing diamond wedding rings make it possible to distinguish someone who has already made the commitment from others, and this holds much prestige. When wearing an diamond engagement ring, people swoon over the idea of being on the run towards marriage, regarded as the “next chapter” of one’s life. There is even a marriage ring called the “eternity ring” which houses diamonds of small sizes around the gold, silver, or platinum ring. Such magnifies the idea of the diamond as a symbol of the eternal.

Source: jewelrymall.com

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How to Choose Your Next Bracelet

It can be very difficult and time consuming to choose a bracelet, especially if it is a gift for a friend or a close family relative because you want it to be perfect. You want the bracelet to be gorgeous, memorable, but with so many designs, styles, not to mention prices, you have to be an expert in choosing a bracelet. I’m talking about knowing what brand to buy, how to tell if the gem stones are real or fake, knowing what goes style of bracelet goes with what type of person, and the like. This article aims to provide you with the best tips and steps on how to choose carefully what bracelet to buy either for yourself or for someone else as a gift. Simply follow these tips on how to choose a bracelet:


First of all, you have to set a budget for yourself. You may think bracelets are easy to find, but what hinders people from buying them is the price. Decide and stick to the budget you’ve chosen for yourself and make sure that the bracelet doesn’t go over it (or if it does, don’t let it be more than 10%). Once you have a budget in mind, then it is time to look for a good bracelet.


The first thing is to decide what design you want for your bracelet. This includes knowing how heavy the bracelet should be, if it’s streamlined or with pointed edges, if the mount for the stones and gems are strong enough, etc. Here are some ideas you might want to consider:

o The prongs used to mount the gems should be sturdy and shouldn’t be too thin or else they could open up and fall off anytime unnoticed.

o Make sure the designs are damage proof and that the bracelet can last for a long time without loosing its luster or strength.

o Consider the design dimensions of the bracelet to avoid instances where the metal is too thin, the overall bracelet too heavy, etc.


One way of determining the price of a bracelet is through the metal. The heaviness of the metal used and if the choice is a gold bracelet will determine if you can afford it or not. Usually jewelers are very excited to sell you gold bracelets, so make sure you know what kind you’re buying before handing over the money.


The next step in choosing a bracelet is choosing the gemstones. There are a lot of ways in choosing a bracelet based on gemstones, one of which is through associating them with the person’s birthstone. Here is a chart of birth stone colors to help you in the process. Sometimes choosing alternative birthstones can help you stay in your budget.


You have to know if the craftsmanship is of good quality or not. You should always demand well crafted bracelets, especially if you’re buying gold or silver ones as a gift. You will know if the craftsmanship of a certain bracelet is bad when you:

o Notice that the price is cheaper than normal good quality bracelets

o The mount of the gemstones can easily be bent open. o Badly connected links

o Luster is of low quality

Size & Color

o Verify the size is appropriate for the the person who will wear the bracelet.

o Does the color match ones wardrobe. Though gold and silver generally match more outfits, certain colors won’t be worn often.


Name brands or at least established jewelers often have higher quality of craftsmanship. This is one of the reasons people often buy from designers. Tiffany’s and Harry Winston come to mind as many people’s favorites. However, there is a premium for this and your budget may encourage you to simply look for high quality materials without the name to go with it.

Hopefully, these tips will help you find the best bracelet!

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Denver Jewelry Buyer - FJR Jewelers

Are you interested in selling your jewelry or maybe trading it in? If you live in Denver and you want to get the most for your jewelry there's one place you need to be sure to check out: FJR Jewelers in Lakewood, CO.

FJR Jewelers is a Lakewood Jewelry Store the specializes in buying and selling Gold and Large Diamonds. The owner, Bill Garlutzo has been buying and selling out of the same location on Colfax for over 20 years. Because of Bill's experience of buying, he ensures his customers top dollar for their jewelry. One of the great things about working with FJR Diamond and Gold (FJR Jewelers) is they will pay you CASH on the spot for your jewelry unlike some of the other jewelry buyers in Denver who make you wait a few days or even weeks to pay you.

If you need to sell gold or sell diamonds, make sure to check out FJR Jeweler's website: http://www.denver-gold.com/ or give them a call 303-233-0066

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Selling Your Jewelry

(Source: Willis Garriott)

There are many reasons for deciding to sell your unwanted diamonds and fine jewelry. You may be seeking emotional release from a broken relationship, needing emergency cash, purchasing or remodeling your home, or updating your jewelry for something more fashionable.

What Is It Worth?

After you decide to sell your jewelry, the first question is: What is it worth? Quite simply, your jewelry is worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. But there is a difference between appraised value and market value. Most appraisals are not a valid indicator of the worth of your jewelry or diamonds. You may only get between 10% and 20% of the appraised value. An appraisal can be issued for different reasons. Sometimes, a high appraisal is used as a marketing tool by a retailer who wants his customer to believe he got a great deal. Insurance companies also don't mind inflated appraisals, because the premiums customers pay are based on the submitted value. If you want an accurate assessment of your diamond or jewelry's value, have it appraised by an independent appraiser who has no interest in it. When it comes to diamonds, often appraisals are not accurate as to the color and clarity. There are no guidelines throughout the industry, standards or government regulations as to the accuracy required for describing jewelry or its value.

Diamond Grading Certificates

If your diamond came with a certificate from the GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, you will be able to get a valid offer over the phone or emailed to you. There are other diamond grading labs, but GIA is consistently the most accurate. If you are selling a diamond that is probably worth more than $5000 and you have two weeks time, you might consider having your diamond certified by the GIA.

Sell Jewelry Quickly

So where do you go if you want to sell your jewelry or diamonds quickly?


You might first talk to your friends or relatives, and see if anyone is interested in purchasing your jewelry. However, it is not likely you will find a buyer this way, and you may create tension in your friendship by disputing the jewelry's value.

Ad in the Local Paper

You might also think of placing an advertisement in your local newspaper. Because of the limited number of potential buyers, it may be difficult to find a qualified purchaser willing to give you full market value.


Craigslist is also a great place to sell your jewelry. There are hundreds of fews on jewelry alone for local areas, you might just find the right buyer.


The absolute worst place to sell jewelry is a pawnshop. They are in the money loaning business, and they buy all kinds of junk. You will be offered ten cents on the dollar if you are lucky. Pawnshops are usually located in less than desirable neighborhoods, so you may need to be concerned for your safety.

Retail Jewelry Stores

In most areas companies that purchase or take jewelry on consignment from the public are required to be licensed and regulated by the state and often local law enforcement agencies. Retail jewelry stores are a great place to sell broken jewlry. They might even take a single earring because they can chop it down and make it into something else.

However, retail jewelry stores have diamonds given to them on consignment from large diamond dealers. If they purchase your diamond, they will have to lay out their own cash, so they will offer considerably less to purchase it out right.

On Line Diamond and Fine Jewelry Buyers

If you look on the Internet, you will find a number of companies offering to buy your gold, fine jewelry, quality watches, and diamonds online. You can contact these companies by telephone or email. They can provide you with a tentative offer based on the information you provide. Once the company receives and evaluates your jewelry you are contacted with a firm offer. WARNING some of these firms will offer you a unrealistic high price to get you to send them your jewelry and they contact you with a significantly lower price.

There is always a potential for loss when sending expensive items. If you choose one of these companies, find out which carrier they use and if the item will be fully insured. The US Postal Service is probably your best choice as they are self insured and your jewelry is not insured by a third party.

Usually sellers choose an online jewelry buying company for convenience. It means you don't have to go anywhere. But often customers are disappointed when they hear how little money they will receive. By then they have already sent the item, and may figure it is not worth the trouble to pay to have it returned to them.

Questions to ask on line buyers

• How long have you been in business?

• Do you have a showroom or office that i can bring my items to?

• Are you Better Business complaint free?

• Are you licensed?

• Are you in compliance with state and federal laws and guidelines?

Auction Houses

In addition to online auction sites, there are a number of highly reputable, well-established auction houses that have auctions for fine jewelry, such as Bonhams & Butterfields, Christie's, and Sotheby's. Generally these auction houses are only interested in high value items. Bonham & Butterfields will also give you a good idea of your item's value, before you decide where to sell it. There are not auctions everyday, so you will have to wait awhile for your proceeds. In addition, as the seller you are responsible for the costs associated with selling your jewelry, such as marketing photographs and a commission, and these will reduce your profit. Bonhams & Butterfields will take lower value items to list in their auction catalogues. This does entail a considerable delay in selling your jewelry, however, because they only publish catalogues a few times a year. The advantage to being willing to wait to sell is that you may receive more money.

On Line Auctions

In addition to online gold and jewelry buying companies, there are also the Internet auction sites, such as eBay. On this site, you can post the jewelry items you have for sale, and potential buyers will respond with offers. On Internet auction sites you will encounter a lot of people looking for a bargain, and possibly even scammers and criminals. Because you are dealing with individual buyers, not a reputable company, you are at risk for loss. If you do decide to sell through one of these sites, make sure to protect yourself as much as possible by meeting your buyer in a safe public such as your bank or Starbucks.

Your Best Option

There are advantages to selling your jewelry quickly: cash in your pocket immediately and removing emotional attachments rapidly. But how do you ensure confidentiality, no scam artists, and no security risks? Your best option may be a reputable diamond and jewelry buyers with an established place of business, such as FJR Diamond and Gold. When you deal with us, you may rest assured that you are dealing with a fully licensed diamond and jewelry professional. This provides you with the ultimate security. When choosing a diamond purchaser, you may want to find out if you can walk in with your jewelry, or if your have to send it by mail. Obviously, it is more secure if you do not have to use a delivery service.

You may also wish to inquire how long the business has been operating and check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure they are no complaints against the business. At The San Francisco Diamond Exchange, we buy and sell loose diamonds, platinum and gold engagement rings, platinum and gold tennis necklaces and bracelets, diamond earrings and pendants. We have been in business for over thirty years complaint-free with the Better Business Bureau. When you sell your jewelry in person to a reputable dealer, you don't risk loss, theft, identity theft or a below market value offers.

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