Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jewelry Buyer Denver: FJR Jewelers

If you are in need to get some cash like we all are in these touh times, one way is to sell your jewelry to FJR Jewelers. They are a certified gemologist and have buying jewelry in the Denver metro for over 20 years. One good thing about finding a Denver Jewelry Buyer to make some extra cash is they weigh and check the jewelry right in front of you. This way you now what the going rate is and it will prevent you from getting screwed like you would at a local pon shop.

FJR Jewelers is the best Jewelry Buyer Denver because of their experience in jewelry buying and they buy so much jewelry they can afford to give you a great deal! Check out their website for more details: FJR Jewelers or call them at (303) 233-0066

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Gem Behind the Promise

Ever wondered why diamonds are placed in engagement rings? The diamond holds such supremacy in the hierarchy of regard for gem stones; it is the most valuable and most sought-after of all of them. It does not necessarily mean the pre-marriage ring, although it is the most common that we have in mind. Affordable diamond rings could also symbolize relations of friendships or family.

Diamond rings bring their significance when compared to the diamond as the hardest crystal of them all. A diamond could only be cut by another diamond, and it takes studies, trainings, and hard work in order for a diamond cutter to do well in his job. The hardness of the diamond is the strength of the promise. Diamond rings are the everlasting spirit behind the free choice of commitment and unconditional character of giving.

Diamonds also represent clarity of soul and consistency. When contextualized in diamond rings, they presume that those undergoing the process of commitment are clear in their thoughts, crystal-like as they say in their intentions, to be able to pursue the meaning of the promise throughout their lives.

Wearing diamond wedding rings make it possible to distinguish someone who has already made the commitment from others, and this holds much prestige. When wearing an diamond engagement ring, people swoon over the idea of being on the run towards marriage, regarded as the “next chapter” of one’s life. There is even a marriage ring called the “eternity ring” which houses diamonds of small sizes around the gold, silver, or platinum ring. Such magnifies the idea of the diamond as a symbol of the eternal.


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How to Choose Your Next Bracelet

It can be very difficult and time consuming to choose a bracelet, especially if it is a gift for a friend or a close family relative because you want it to be perfect. You want the bracelet to be gorgeous, memorable, but with so many designs, styles, not to mention prices, you have to be an expert in choosing a bracelet. I’m talking about knowing what brand to buy, how to tell if the gem stones are real or fake, knowing what goes style of bracelet goes with what type of person, and the like. This article aims to provide you with the best tips and steps on how to choose carefully what bracelet to buy either for yourself or for someone else as a gift. Simply follow these tips on how to choose a bracelet:


First of all, you have to set a budget for yourself. You may think bracelets are easy to find, but what hinders people from buying them is the price. Decide and stick to the budget you’ve chosen for yourself and make sure that the bracelet doesn’t go over it (or if it does, don’t let it be more than 10%). Once you have a budget in mind, then it is time to look for a good bracelet.


The first thing is to decide what design you want for your bracelet. This includes knowing how heavy the bracelet should be, if it’s streamlined or with pointed edges, if the mount for the stones and gems are strong enough, etc. Here are some ideas you might want to consider:

o The prongs used to mount the gems should be sturdy and shouldn’t be too thin or else they could open up and fall off anytime unnoticed.

o Make sure the designs are damage proof and that the bracelet can last for a long time without loosing its luster or strength.

o Consider the design dimensions of the bracelet to avoid instances where the metal is too thin, the overall bracelet too heavy, etc.


One way of determining the price of a bracelet is through the metal. The heaviness of the metal used and if the choice is a gold bracelet will determine if you can afford it or not. Usually jewelers are very excited to sell you gold bracelets, so make sure you know what kind you’re buying before handing over the money.


The next step in choosing a bracelet is choosing the gemstones. There are a lot of ways in choosing a bracelet based on gemstones, one of which is through associating them with the person’s birthstone. Here is a chart of birth stone colors to help you in the process. Sometimes choosing alternative birthstones can help you stay in your budget.


You have to know if the craftsmanship is of good quality or not. You should always demand well crafted bracelets, especially if you’re buying gold or silver ones as a gift. You will know if the craftsmanship of a certain bracelet is bad when you:

o Notice that the price is cheaper than normal good quality bracelets

o The mount of the gemstones can easily be bent open. o Badly connected links

o Luster is of low quality

Size & Color

o Verify the size is appropriate for the the person who will wear the bracelet.

o Does the color match ones wardrobe. Though gold and silver generally match more outfits, certain colors won’t be worn often.


Name brands or at least established jewelers often have higher quality of craftsmanship. This is one of the reasons people often buy from designers. Tiffany’s and Harry Winston come to mind as many people’s favorites. However, there is a premium for this and your budget may encourage you to simply look for high quality materials without the name to go with it.

Hopefully, these tips will help you find the best bracelet!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Denver Jewelry Buyer - FJR Jewelers

Are you interested in selling your jewelry or maybe trading it in? If you live in Denver and you want to get the most for your jewelry there's one place you need to be sure to check out: FJR Jewelers in Lakewood, CO.

FJR Jewelers is a Lakewood Jewelry Store the specializes in buying and selling Gold and Large Diamonds. The owner, Bill Garlutzo has been buying and selling out of the same location on Colfax for over 20 years. Because of Bill's experience of buying, he ensures his customers top dollar for their jewelry. One of the great things about working with FJR Diamond and Gold (FJR Jewelers) is they will pay you CASH on the spot for your jewelry unlike some of the other jewelry buyers in Denver who make you wait a few days or even weeks to pay you.

If you need to sell gold or sell diamonds, make sure to check out FJR Jeweler's website: or give them a call 303-233-0066