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Bridal Jewelry

Taking the time and effort to choose just the right pieces of jewelry for your bridal party is not only the perfect way to show your true appreciation for sharing in your most important day, but it will also give your attendants a rather special memento to treasure and remember always.

The very first thing you'll want to consider in your quest for finding beautiful jewelry for your bridal party is whether or not the pieces will be given solely as a token of your appreciation, or if you expect the attendants to wear their gifts for the ceremony. If you'll want all of the pieces worn during the wedding and reception, then you'll want to ensure they'll match or complement the overall theme or formality of the event as well as the dresses you've chosen.

As the bride, you'll also have to decide if you want each of the attendants pieces to match exactly, or if you'd rather coordinating pieces but each with subtle differences that make them uniquely their own. A perfect example of unique but matching jewelry for the bridal party would be crystal necklaces in different but complementary colors, or necklaces of all the same crystal but in a different design, or pearls of varying sizes and designs. Cultured pearls will always be a timeless choice for wedding jewelry that exude a sense of classiness as well as romance.

Another good choice for your bridal attendant's jewelry is white or clear cubic zirconium (CZ) as it offers all of the sparkle and glamour of diamonds, but without the hefty price tag to match. And, gold and sterling silver will both always work well with any colors, style, or theme of wedding. If your wedding colors are burgundy or red, you may want to consider choosing gems such as garnets or rubies or reddish Swarovski crystals, or if peach and beige are dominant in your color scheme, choose opals, clear crystals, or any gem with a neutral, understated hue.

Yet another option to consider when choosing jewelry for your bridal party is to select pieces that everyone will be able to wear again for other occasions, unless they're intended to be held onto as keepsakes after the wedding, of course. Necklaces are always a good choice for bridal party jewelry as the varying lengths available will fit everyone and regardless of hair length or styles, the necklace will be easy to see during the wedding, but do keep in mind the neckline of the gowns you and your bridesmaids will be wearing.

When choosing earrings be sure to find out in advance who has pierced ears and who will need the clip-on style. Also, when buying bracelets for your attendants, you'll want to be sure you know what size to select for each person. In essence, the jewelry you choose for your bridal party should match your own sense of style as well as the formality of the ceremony, and also complement the attendant's attire.

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Bridal Jewelry for the Bridal Party

You want everything about your wedding to be perfect, from step one to the very last step. Have you thought about bridal jewelry for the bridal party? This is a often forgotten detail of many weddings. Brides simply do not stop to think about the jewelry, but it is very important that you do so. You want your bridal party to match after all. Their dresses match, their shoes match, their hair matches, so why shouldn’t their bridal jewelry?

When it comes to bridal jewelry, the old saying, “Less is more” definitely applies. You want to keep things simple and elegant. Obviously, the bridal jewelry for the bridal party should not outshine the jewelry worn by the bride. The bride is the main focus and the jewelry worn by the bridal party should be understated. Keep the jewelry simple, beautiful, and coordinating with the rest of the wedding.

For example, if your wedding is something of a fairy tale type of wedding, you might want to consider tiaras as part of your bridal jewelry. The bride’s tiara can be larger and fit seamlessly with the veil. For the rest of the bridal party, a smaller and thinner tiara can be used.

Other types of bridal jewelry you might want to consider include necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. One thing to keep in mind is that you want everything to match. Therefore, if you have picked out pearl necklaces for your bridal jewelry, you want both the earrings and bracelets to include pearls too. One rule of thumb is, in the instance of pearls, if the necklace has a string of pearls, you want the bracelets and earrings to just have a pearl accent, remember, less is more.
Depending on the type of wedding you are having, your bridal jewelry for the bridal party should coordinate with the theme. For example, if you are having an outdoor wedding, you could consider shells or flower designs. Some people are even turning to less traditional bridal jewelry like handmade jewelry, gothic, or tribal jewelry for their wedding wear. Regardless of what type of bridal jewelry you decide upon, remember, it is your wedding, personalize it in any way you would like. Furthermore, remember the bride should outshine any other member of the bridal party.

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Colorado Bridal Jewelry

On her special day there is more than a church, food and a white dress. Anyone who has been envolved in planning a wedding knows how many decisions have to be made. An important one that goes unnoticed is the bridal jewelry for the bride and the entire bridal party.

Often times if a bride doesn't pay attention to her jewelry or doens't wear any, it goes unnoticed. However, if a bride has on beautiful jewelry everyone will talk about how stunning she looks and it often times becomes a top conversation at the wedding.

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