Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Should you sell your gold, silver or platinum to a money 4 gold website

When you take into consideration the actual condition of the North American economy and the ever increasing movement upwards in precious metal prices , it is obvious why people are digging out their broken gold jewelry and are pawning them to cash 4 gold industries as a way to come up with some spare income to reduce their extra debts and to get out of debt.

If you are experiencing the same situation you will want to methodically do your homework before you sell your jewelry to just any gold buyers in that there is a huge increase in the amount of unscrupulous companies in the gold buying business who will happily take advantage of your desperation and give you next to nothing for your Denver jewelry. Even though this practice is not illegal, it is in any case, not in your best interest and I am here to inform those of you who are considering exchanging your defective gold or silver to be certain to stay away from businesses that are posing as middle men and to deal only with refineries or cash for gold companies that have their in-house refineries You must realize, gold brokers are nothing more than middle men between you and a metal refiner and as a result they will give you in the area of 30% of the true value for your gold or silver jewelry and quickly resell it back to a precious metal dealer themselves and they will be keeping the larger share and you keep a few lousy dollars.

A short while ago, Fox news put together a kind of undercover operation, in that they submitted three identical items of gold jewelry to three individual precious metal dealers and waited for their check and while 3 of the businesses did in fact give them a payment for their unwanted jewelry, only one of those gold buyers actually paid the current market value while the other 2 gold buyers payed approximately 30 percent of today’s true value . The two cash for gold companies that fell short were acting as brokers while the 3rd gold buyer that payed the true value did own their own precious metal refinery, so it is customer beware in this industry and I absolutely recommend that you do your homework before parting with unwanted gold jewelry.


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It doesn't matter if what kind of business you are selling your gold. You just have to make sure they a good background. You should do your research.

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